Swedish Neutron Education for Science & Society

Mandatory Courses for all SwedNess students

Intro course part 1

The Theoretical part (lectures/exercises) will be given together with the Nordic Neutron Science Program (NNSP) through a school in September 9 (or 11)-22, 2017 in Tartu, Estonia.This part will give you 4 ECTS.

The school aims to give the students a introduction to the different fundementals and specific techniques and their applications as you can see in the list below. 

Fundamentals Specific Techniques & their applications
Introduction to the neutron & neutron sources Atomic & Magnetic Structure (Diffraction)
Introduction to Scattering Techniques Nanostructrures & Interfaces (SANS, NR)
Understanding Fouries Space Dynamics: Materials & Excitations (INS, QENS)
Complementary of X-rays with neutrons Real Space (Imaging & Tomography)
Neutron Instrumenation / Sample Environment Ultra Cold Neutrons
Acess to facilites / practical safety issues Isotope production / Isotope labelling

For more information and to register, press here.

Intro course part 2

Includes general practial training at three neutron facilites with hands-on training on different instruments / techniques including also sample preperation (holders etc.), sample environment, fundamental data analysis, safety traning etc. Each student should hand in a report on the work performed during this traning with a specific focus on how this can be applied on his/her own PhD-project. The Hands-on training giving another 4 ECTS. 

  • ​Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Switzerland where you will perform neutron reflectometry and neutron imaging. 25 – 30 September 2017
  • ​Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) at Kjeller in Norway, where you will perform neutron diffraction and small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) 27 November – 1 December 2017.
  • ​ISIS Neutron and Muon Source in Oxford, United Kingdom, where you will focus on inelastic neutron spectroscopy. 11 – 15 December 2017.

More detailed information of each hand-on training will soon be sent to you. However, for the upcoming PSI training school it should be noticed that you should book the flights and hotel by yourself. For flights, you should fly to Zurich airport. I would recommend you to arrive in PSI the latest evening of 24 September and fly home earliest on the evening of 30 September. Depending on your home university it might be practical to fly directly from Tallinn to Zurich after the Tartu intro course.