An image of the SwedNeSS organization, consisting of 5 different images: SSF, the Board, Management, PI Group, and the Operative Group. The board consists of 5 people: Prof. Lise Arleth, Dr. Marie Vennström, Prof. Christian Rüegg, Prof. Catherine Pappas and Prof. Marianne Sommarin. The management consists of Director Martin Häggblad Sahlberg and Director of Studies Martin Månsson. The PI Group are chaired by Kristina Edström at UU and consists of Aleksandar Matic at Chalmers, Lennart Bergström at SU, Jens Birch at LiU, Martin Månsson at KTH, Sara Linse at UU and Björgvin Hjörvarsson at UU. The operative group consists of 2 PhD student representatives: Filippa Lundin and Paulo Barros; 6 local director of studies: Peter Hedström at KTH, Thomas Ederth at LiU, Ulrich Häusserman at SU, Gunnar Pálsson at UU, Stephen Hall at LU and Jan Swenson at Chalmers; and the ESS representative Esko Oksanen.