Stefanie Siebeneichler, Austrian

My name is Stefanie Siebeneichler and I started my academical carrier at Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria, where I studied Technical Physics (Bachelor) and Nanoscience and -Technology (Master). During my Master’s thesis I developed a process to fabricate monolithic microlenses from an as-grown wafer hosting optically active quantum dots (QDs) in order to enhance the extraction efficiency of these quantum emitters. Further, my microlenses were fabricated with gold back mirrors, something no other group could achieve until the time I finished my thesis. I also characterized my microlenses and performed 3D FEM simulations.

I am doing my PhD at the institute for Material and Environmental Chemistry at Stockholm University now. My project focuses on the characterization of the magnetic properties of complex materials such as inorganic transition metal phosphate open framework structures and how the magnetic properties of these materials can be used, in combination with a second property such as ion conduction, luminescence and other, to develop new materials with unique properties. Furthermore, I will also synthesize these novel materials using a new and promising method based on ionic liquids, in which the ionic liquids function as both solvents and structure directing agents, and investigate the crystalline structure using XRD. The complex crystalline structures of these open framework structures lead to complex magnetic behavior such as spin frustration. As a result, it is not possible to investigate the magnetic properties fully using bulk characterization methods. Therefore, my PhD will center on the use of neutron scattering methods to get a full understanding of the magnetic properties. 

University:         Stockholm University
Project Title:      Unravelling complex magnetic structures of framework materials
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Last modified: 2021-08-27